Quick Move & Fast Track Homes 

If you're seeking an expedited home building experience, you've come to the right builder. At Ash Creek Homes, Quick Move homes can be completed within 60 days. Fast Track Homes can be completed within 6-8 months. The countdown for both begins on the date your finalize your interior selections and make your Selections Deposit. 

Local expertise working for you

We understand those times during the home building process when it looks like nothing is happening. Thanks to our years of experience building in Lakeway, we figured out a solution. That's how our Quick Move and Fast Track homes were born. 

Approved, permitted and ready to roll

By obtaining permitting earlier in the process, we can offer our homeowners a more simplified building experience with a quicker construction start time and a completion time that is quicker than the average builder. Because until the permits are obtained, nothing can occur on the lot. This is months of what seems like "nothing is happening".

Skip the "nothing is happening" phase

Did you know permitting a home for construction in Lakeway can take up to 4 months to gather all the documents, submit the application, and obtain approval? We love building in Lakeway, TX, and working closely with the City of Lakeway. Their Building and Development Department is extremely thorough and really cares about the product that homebuilders are building in their community. That's why the City of Lakeway requires stricter standards for engineering and construction than most municipalities. But we appreciate this because it ensures homebuyers are getting an extremely well built home. 




*After interior selections have been confirmed and Selection Deposit has been made.