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Creative Commentary: The Space You Call Home

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If you’ve ever thought about downsizing your life, we have an interesting proposition for you: Could you live in a pod?

Imagine a roomy bunk bed compartment with luxurious touches like blond wood and stainless steel appliances. Think well-appointed space, but it’s tiny. You’d get a bed, a TV and place to store luggage.

And voilà! That’s it.

This is a growing trend in cities like Los Angeles due to the insanely expensive cost of housing. Because rent is so impossible to afford, companies are building living spaces that can be shared. For $1,000 a month, you’d have a place to call home. A pod of your very own. Perhaps 2019 won’t be the year of downsizing, but co-living.

While it may sound like a new concept, it’s really a modern, forward-thinking spin on youth hostels you’d find travelling abroad or right here in your own backyard -- like Native Hostel in Austin, TX.

Plus, there's more tiny home trends afoot for business like Allswell Mattress & Bedding going mobile in a 28-square foot prefab house.  That's right, folks! They're selling mattresses right out of their own bedroom (Modern Tiny Living). Talk about out-of-the-box thinking! 

As home builders, we understand the value of designing and building luxury homes to suit people's needs and ever-changing lifestyles. That's why we're so excited about our "lock & leave" homes in Honey Creek and Serene Hills. The floorplans maximize space, so every inch is functional. They're open, spacious and inviting and they're easy to maintain. A "lock & leave" lifestyle means you'll love your time at home, but you'll also love the added freedom of locking it up and heading out on your own adventures. 

That being said, we applaud the pod! At Ash Creek Homes, we embrace creativity, that's why we call our communities "creative." We think everyone has to put their thinking caps on, whether it’s helping people follow their dreams in LA or building the home of their dreams in Austin, Texas. 

When it comes to downsizing, just how small can you go? Let us know on our Facebook page!