Realtor Headshots: The Good, The Bad & Tips for that Perfect Photo


Realtors and headshots are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together. For as long as we can remember, Realtors have had headshots. But you can't make fun of this long-running tradition, because that smiling face photo is everything in the world of real estate.  

How do Realtors establish trust with people who are about to make one of the biggest purchases in their lives? Enter headshots.

In an extremely competitive industry like real estate, the Realtor headshot is a critical sales tool. Studies show how much the perfect photo can impact the decision-making process. For example, in focus groups happy looking and unhappy looking people were viewed as equally competent, but when asked who they would choose to be their financial advisor, test subjects chose the happier looking person every time. Of course they did!

Check out the type of smiles that work the best when it comes to how you're being perceived:


Here are a few tips for achieving the perfect shot:

  • Think about your background. Outside with blue skies or green foliage can look amazing. If you're inside, think about a clean space with a pop of color. Remember, lighting can make or break a photo, so if you want it to be perfect, a professional photographer can use light to your advantage.

  • Choose your wardrobe wisely. Instead of busy prints or patterns, opt for a solid shirt with minimal jewelry. This will help you appeal to wider demographic. A professional photographer can also help you decide what you depending on the background you choose. It never hurts to being a few different outfit options just in case.

  • Work that jawline! This is something you should practice before your photo shoot. In order to look confident and photograph well, you want to accentuate your jawline definition. You can do this by tilting your chin down slightly and pushing you head forward just a bit. It also immediately zaps any double chin concerns. 

  • Eyes wide, but not too wide. While you're smiling, it's okay to squint a little bit. Again, studies show that if your eyes are wide open, you might look like a dear in headlights and less confident. It's a-okay if your eyes squint when you smile, as long as your face is relaxed.

  • Wear makeup, but not too much. Natural makeup looks the best for professional shots. Remember, filters are magical, so if you need to make any corrections, that can easily be done by a professional photographer in the editing process.

  • Smile, smile, smile! The best thing you can do is give a natural smile. Think good thoughts. Be happy! Be confident!

Don't forget! Our Realtor Exclusive Headshots & Sneak Peek event is on April 25th at Honey Creek from 3-5pm. If you need a new headshot, we'll be doing them on-site with Scott Mason Photography. RSVP today to get on the list!